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Orphan Annie's - Hilliard 1 Alex Hilliard Joy Palmer...

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Hilliard 1 Alex Hilliard Joy Palmer English 101-047 9-25-09 Orphan Annie’s Bar and Grill Orphan Annie’s Bar and Grill located in Caldwell has a nice, friendly atmosphere. The drive down took longer than I expected, although going through traffic was not as bad as normal considering that it was about 5:30 and a lot of people were getting off of work and on their way home. Pulling up to the restaurant I noticed that it was surrounded by multiple houses on one side, a funeral home across the street, and a bank, leaving not a whole lot of spaces in their own parking lot. Parking along the street is an option but on a busy day or evening could be a hassle because there may not be any spots left along the street. The appearance from the outside is appealing and has a nice patio. There are some trees that are at a convenient height, low enough to block the sunlight from getting into a person’s eyes, yet high enough to not get in the average person’s way. It is very unique because it is a Chinese restaurant but they also serve food like a steakhouse. I think that the owners were smart for doing this because they could make more money doing both rather than just being one or the other. For example, if there is a family and most of the family wants to eat Chinese food but a couple people want steaks or something similar they can just say “Hey, let’s go to Orphan Annie’s.” Upon opening the door and taking the first few steps in, noticeable to the eye is very nice hardwood floors and railings. Before actually turning into the restaurant customers are greeted by the extraordinary smells of delicious food; popcorn, grilled steaks and chicken, and Chinese food. That may not sound appealing all together but each smell has it’s distinct scent so they
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Hilliard 2 don’t all just mix together, it is really incredible. Also, statue of a golfer carved out of wood on a brass making of grass with a tee that seems to be finishing a swing. While walking through the restaurant to my seat I noticed all of the multiple sports items hung along the walls and placed throughout to make the customers feel more at home but still are out for an amazing meal. There is also a vast downstairs that is used as a banquet room for significantly large parties; for
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Orphan Annie's - Hilliard 1 Alex Hilliard Joy Palmer...

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