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Oscar's readlog 2 - It motivated me to accomplish goals and...

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Oscar Ramirez English 101 Reading log to Strothers “Explaining a Concept Online” The idea of flow is interesting. Flow- being the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing, characterized by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. I know what flow feels like because I have experienced it while playing sports before. I have played rugby, football, soccer, basketball, I did track, and I used to wrestle. My favorite sport that I used to play would have to be football with all the adrenaline and the hitting. It was a rush of excitement every play and when my team had a when it was even better. I am so glad that I played sports while in junior high and high school. I think it helped make me the person I am today and had a huge positive influence on me.
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Unformatted text preview: It motivated me to accomplish goals and make it through everyday hassles at school so I could get to practice and prepare for a game just to get that feeling of flow. Also, when I am the “state” of flow I don’t feel pain. For example, when I would play football and take a hard hit I wouldn’t feel the pain until after the game when I was starting to calm down or relax. I think that Strother’s essay about was better than the compare and contrast part. When it comes to the saying “go with the flow”, I never thought about it how it was actually defined. I just took “go with the flow” to mean just go with it, whatever is going on, “be chill with it”. The idea of flow is genius. No normal person would come up with this idea of flow, but it is really cool that somebody did....
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