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Oscar Ramirez English 101 Reading log to Heath and Heath “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die” In this concept essay Chip and Dan Heath talk about how some ideas, like popcorn in movie theatres or Halloween candy, end up sticking in people’s minds. “A friend of a friend of ours” makes the story that is about to be told seem believable. The idea of having stories stick in people’s minds is a way of trying to have a successful story that people remember. The fact that somebody was crude enough to ruin what I guess you could call a “kid’s holiday” is one of the worst things ever. Halloween and Christmas are two of the major things that young children to pre-adolescent teens look forward to every year. When I read about the dad that caused his own sons by contaminating it with cyanide just so he could collect on the insurance was one of the
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Unformatted text preview: most tragic things I think I have ever heard. Then the accident with the five-year-old boy that found his uncle’s heroin stash and ended up overdosing. Did the boy eat it? Or did he somehow know how what to do with it??? Once I got to the “six principles of sticky ideas” I slowly started to lose interest in this essay at principle number one. After stating their six principles of sticky ideas, they started talking about an acronym. It was completely useless to me. Although I was glad that they actually admitted that it was corny. Not! I really don’t care if it was corny. But I think that the whole idea that making a story have a ridiculous twist it will make it stick in people’s minds....
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