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Readlog to Ngo - Actually I highly doubt that I would be...

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Alex Hilliard Joy Palmer English 101-047 Reading log to Ngo 11-3-09 Linh Kieu Ngo must have been really interested in cannibalism and the types of cannibalism to write a paper on it. I don’t know if I would ever be able to write a concept paper on it because it is so different from the norms of society that myself and I think most people are used to. Ngo’s essay did capture my attention pretty quickly and kept me interested in it simply because I don’t think I have ever heard of dietary cannibalism. I knew about survival cannibalism and I had heard of ritual cannibalism, but never really knew anything about it. I don’t think I would be able to resort to eating another person if I was stranded with a group of people. Unless there was a person that I really hated because they tried to do something to me, like kill me instead of letting me die before eating my flesh.
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Unformatted text preview: Actually, I highly doubt that I would be able to eat another person’s flesh. I think I could probably kill somebody if they had tried to kill me, but no, I wouldn’t eat that person…RAUNCHY! I wonder if there are people in the United States that practice ritual cannibalism. That would be weird, like I can see it happening in other countries, just not the U.S. If there are people in this country that do, I’m sure that they just keep it to themselves so they don’t have people judge them. I REALLY don’t see how people can trap or purchase other humans for food in dietary cannibalism, that is just awkward to me. If I were to know a person that use cannibalism as a diet, I would probably call them a creeper. Then they would probably try and trap me to eat. Oh no!...
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