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Tyler Ford Create a topic Have you ever thought about how ideas stick? How candy got associated with Halloween? Or even how theatre popcorn because so popular when you go out to see a movie? For Halloween some people believe that the border between our world and other worlds or spirit worlds becomes thin and can allow spirits to pass through on this day or evening (All Hallows’ Eve). The spirits can be harmless or they can be harmful. On Halloween kids dress up in costumes of different sorts and go trick or treating; going around to different houses collecting as much candy as they can. Some kids have contests with their friends to see who can collect the most candy. This innocent holiday has become not so innocent in the sense that people have started to take advantage of kids collecting candy. I have read a couple stories about adults that tried putting drugs into the candy they hand out. For example, putting drugs into the caramel of
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Unformatted text preview: caramel apples they make and hand out. One time a kid a accidently died because of an overdose on cocaine that his uncle had left out and forgot about that he thought was candy. In another story I read about a father that drugged his son’s candy just so he could collect insurance money on his dead son. Those are horrible things to have happen to kids. Over the years, theatre popcorn has become increasingly popular and I have wondered why. I have always wondered if it has had to do with something what they put in the popcorn. Turns out it’s not what they put in the popcorn, it’s what kind of oil the popcorn is made in. A while back a few of the major theatre companies found a way to make their popcorn more appealing. They found out that by cooking the popcorn in coconut oil it made the popcorn smell better while it was being cooked; and the popcorn had a smoother texture to it when people would pop it into their mouths!...
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