practice quiz - recruits brought into the scheme Question 6...

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Question 1 The practice of using different passing scores or adjusting the scores on employment tests for different protected groups under Title VII is called: Selected Answer: race-norming. Question 2 The FTC allows for a private right of action for individuals who are injured by deceptive acts and practices. Selected Answer: False Question 3 Bob Smith wants to file for bankruptcy protection. He has a regular income. Which chapter of the Bankruptcy Code applies to his bankruptcy proceeding? Answer Selected Answer: Chapter 13 Question 4 Child support and alimony payments can usually be discharged in bankruptcy if the debtor is truly insolvent. Answer Selected Answer: False Question 5 The difference between a legal and an illegal pyramid scheme is sometimes difficult to determine. What makes a pyramid scheme illegal? Selected Answer:
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If the scheme is what is being sold, and the individual is rewarded based on the number of
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Unformatted text preview: recruits brought into the scheme. Question 6 Religious protection under Title VII includes atheists and others who have non-religious beliefs. Selected Answer: True Question 7 An easement is a legal right to use a portion of real property owned by another for a limited purpose. Selected Answer: True Question 8 Alcoholics and drug addicts are never protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Selected Answer: False Question 9 To be eligible for unemployment compensation, an employee: Selected Answer: must not have quit the job without good reason or have been fired for serious misconduct. Question 10 Jane and John each own a one-half interest in certain real property as tenants in common. Jane's interest: Selected Answer: will pass on Jane's death to her heirs....
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practice quiz - recruits brought into the scheme Question 6...

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