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Unformatted text preview: Business Torts & Business Torts & Crimes Chapter 11 Introduction Introduction • Purposes of torts and crimes ­ Similarities ­ Differences • How each type of “law” is created ­ By statute ­ By common law (case law) Intentional Torts Intentional Torts • Assault • Battery­­how is it different? ­ ­ Overall v. Kadella defenses to battery • Defamation ­ Libel and slander; required elements ­ Absolute and qualified privilege • False imprisonment and shoplifting Negligence Negligence • An unintentional tort­­based on “fault” • Required elements of negligence ­ ­ ­ Duty Breach Causation • Actual Cause • Proximate cause ­ Damages Defenses to negligence Defenses to negligence • Contributory and comparative negligence • Assumption of the risk • Presumed Negligence ­ Negligence per se ­ res ipsa loquitur Other Business Torts Other Business Torts • Disparagement ­ Elements • Interference with Contracts • • ­ Elements Misappropriation Strict Liability ­ Rationale ...
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