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General Business Exam #1 REVIEW **Make flashcards of this review and “need to know” on blackboard An injunction is a legal remedy= incorrect Common law doctrine that require courts to follow higher courts= stare decisis The Idaho Supreme Court: Apellate Court The 9 th Circuit court of Appeals is part of the Idaho Court system: False In a jury trial, the judge determines the isues of _______ and the jury determines questions of ______ : law, fact Federal jurisdiction includes: Federal question jurisdiction and Diversity jurisdiction (parties are from two different states or amount in controversy is over $75,000-Federal question jurisdiction) Which of the following are in the correct order? Pretrial conference, voir dire (jury selection- can’t pick jury before know about trial), opening statements What motion will be granted before trial when no questions of fact are in dispute? Motion for summary judgment The defendant in a lowsuite has just filed an appeal of the lower court’s decision. The defendant
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exam1review - General Business Exam#1 REVIEW*Make...

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