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MEMO - within each other and a way to keep in contact with...

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Social Networking Date: 9/17/11 To: Joe Schmoe From: Alexandria Hilliard Subject: How social networking can improve communication Enclosed is information about how social networking will improve the communications within the business and help it to run more efficiently. Following are some ways this company would benefit from using social networking. Social networking is a means of communication that has become more popular in recent years. It used to be a just a way for people to keep in contact with old friends and find new ones as well but more recently it has become a way for businesses to communicate
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Unformatted text preview: within each other and a way to keep in contact with clients. Using a social network is also a good way for employees to communicate ideas and opinions to help supplement the business. Please get back to me with any questions or comments about this memo. I would be willing to work with a committee to design a page on a social networking site that would complement the business. Feel free to contact me at: Email: [email protected] Cell: (208)899-0679...
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