Chemistry 351 Problem Set 1

Chemistry 351 Problem Set 1 - Chemistry 351 Problem Set...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 351 Problem Set 1. 1. Explain, using orbitals, why this Lewis structure of ethylene is drawn improperly. H H CC H H 2. Explain what is wrong with this Lewis structure and then draw a correct Lewis structure. HC C CH2 3. What is the hybridization of carbon monoxide? 3. Add single and/or double bonds to complete Lewis structure A. Indicate formal charges of O and C atoms. Draw an additional resonance structure B. Is structure C a third resonance structure? Why or Why not? O ? CH2 CH2 O H 2C A CH2 B C 4. In class we drew the cis and trans isomers of HFC=CHF. Are there more isomers? If so draw them. 5. CH2Cl2 has a dipole moment. Does this fact rule out any of structures I ­III? Why? Cl Cl C C Cl H II Cl Cl H H H Cl C H H I 6. Label the hybridization of carbon atoms and explain which bonds can and which bonds cannot rotate. II I 7. Rank these resonance structures in how much they contribute the most to the overall electronic structure of A? O NH2 A O NH2 NH2 NH2 1 O O O 3 2 NH2 4 8. Draw all valid resonance structures for the molecule below. BF2 9. Which of the molecules has the highest pKa? Explain. Will any of these molecules protonate NH3 or H2PO4 ­? COOH COOH COOH COOH NO2 OCH3 Cl 10. Draw the curvy arrow mechanism for the proton transfer reaction of HCl with formaldehyde (CH2CO). Explain why there is an increase in positive charge on the formaldehyde carbon atom. ...
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