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Outline of Concepts-Chem351

Outline of Concepts-Chem351 - Outline of Concepts for...

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Unformatted text preview: Outline of Concepts for Exam 1. 11 total exam questions. Chapter 1. 2 and ½ questions • Pure and hybrid orbitals of C, N, O, and H atoms • Form bonds (molecular orbitals) by using bonding and antibonding combination of atomic orbitals • Geometries from orbital interactions • Formal Charge • Resonance structures Chapter 2. 3 questions • Mechanisms of proton transfer reactions • Rationalize the stability of conjugate bases • Understand relative pKa values • Lewis acid ­Lewis base Chapter 3. No specific questions. Functional groups are used throughout the test. • Functional groups, especially C=O carbonyl types • There are now weak forces or properties of molecules questions on the test. It may end up on the final. Chapter 4. 3 and ½ questions • Alkane naming. • Newman projections • Conformational analysis • Cycloalkane chair structures, conformations, and stability Chapter 5. 2 questions • Label R and S for enantiomers • Draw diastereomers ...
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