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Unformatted text preview: Review Outline for the noncomprehensive portion of the final. Chapters 13 ­15. 100 pts. Types of questions A) Synthesis B) Conceptual C) Mechanistic D) Structure Determination (CH 13 and 14) Chapter 15 Nature of radical intermediates Stability trends in radicals No rearrangement reactions Halogenation of alkanes, mechanism, transition states, thermodynamics, and selectivity Chain reactions Reactivity versus selectivity Allylic halogenation, mechanism, selectivity HBr and radical addition to alkenes: mechanism, transition states, thermodynamics, and selectivity Chapter 13 Mass Spec, M, M+1, use it in determining structure. **No theory of mass spec will be on the exam** IR, identify functional groups: ROH, C=O, hydrocarbons, amides, NH2, nitriles You will be given the same IR table as the on the quiz Chapter 14 Proton and Carbon NMR Number of signals Position of signals (shielding and deshielding), alkenes, alkynes, aromatics Integration Spin ­spin splitting Use NMR to determine molecular structure ...
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