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CURRENT EVENTS IN GEOLOGY ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Fundamentals of Geology (GEOS 100) This assignment is meant to expose you to some of the geologic issues that are happening in the world today and are being reported in the media. Your goal is to find and report on one of these news items. First you will need to look for resources (magazines or journals, newspapers, or online magazines or newspapers) that might contain such articles. Take a trip to the library and look at the current newspapers and journals. You might also check some online journals or newspapers. What you are looking for is an article about a recent (less than 1 year ago) event or research in the world that concerned a geologic issue. This will be surprisingly easy. Once you have found something that interests you, you are ready to complete the rest of the assignment, which is writing a summary of this article. In addition to the summary, you will also include the reference of the article you read. You will turn a paper copy of this summary and reference in to me
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