Lecture Edward Scissorhands

Lecture Edward Scissorhands - 2/4/08- Lecture Midterm #1...

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2/4/08-- Lecture Midterm #1 Screening knowledge questions, multiple choice, short essay, long essay Terms are important. Edward Scissorhands Opening Credit Sequence - shows aspects of Edward’s castle/inventions - monochromatic tones-> old horror movies. - Cold Blue tinge (filters) Process Shot of Castle—goes to a sweeping shot into the interior of Kim’s bedroom - warm colors of interirot contrast with castles’ exterior. o -Side lighting on Kim from the fire source is significant in accentuating her gestures. - After she begins the story of Edward the Camera moves back out the window in reverse fashion of the opening - Color palette repeats what was previously. Kim wears a red dress. (flashback of wearing red sweater helps reinforce the charcter. - Flashback-> day time, sherbet color homes, location (carefully selected) and altered. Painted houses. - Sky is computer enhanced. Introduction to Peg - selling avion products - Joyce, tight suggestive costume, smoking cigarette. - She looks over the plumber in a menacing way *Symbolic placement at tip of frame. Diminution of Peg - open framing when she appears in front of the castle. She appears very small, overwhelmed. Despite her good intentions, the neighbors behave monsterally towards her. Her entrance into the Castle - horror castle, enchanting, like Disneyland. - As she gets to the castle, she is dwarfed. Low Key Lighting When peg sees Edward he emerges from the darkness. - The shot uses Deep Space Composition - He is tentative, and Peg consumes the role of a mother towards the scared boy. Run Lola Run
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Lecture Edward Scissorhands - 2/4/08- Lecture Midterm #1...

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