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Alex Hilliard Geology 100-001 Stacey Corrie Extra Credit Purple Teapot For the extra credit I am choosing to write about Ron Taylor’s Purple Teapot that he made in 2008. The purple teapot was made of clay and was obviously purple, but it was a very dominant purple that really stood out. It also had some blue on it and with the two colors together they seemed like he could have gotten his inspiration from mountains. After first just glancing at the purple teapot it looked similar to what a square elephant might look like, but I
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Unformatted text preview: knew there had to be something deeper. On what I am sure is the back part of the teapot there was a little squiggly thing that could maybe represent a little worm trying to crawl up a very steep mountain. On the front of it where the stopper goes to let air out it was kind of slanted and reminded me of Mount St Helens and how it erupted and blew out of the side of the volcano....
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