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Scrapbook! Canyon Landscape, Utah This canyon in Utah has meandering streams that curve throughout them. The lighter colored lines are where water has risen to during rainy or water seasons, and the shaping is from the water eroding away at the rocks. The water used to be clear up to the flatter areas of rock. Boatman carrying sand The edges of this small stream have been eroded away by passing water. As you can see, up a little higher in the picture is where water had previously eroded away at edges. Bering Sea Sunset The rocks along the shore of the Bering Sea have been shaped and rounded by the
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Unformatted text preview: continually threshing water against them. Simonas Petra Monastery The monastery built upon the steep slope of the Greek Peninsula may become a threatening place to be if the rocks continue to crumble down the slope and into the ocean waters. If an earthquake were to happen it would be hazardous not just for the monastery but for any buildings that may be below or close by.
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