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Sample Exam Questions

Sample Exam Questions - c Managerial philosophy should be...

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Principles of Marketing Sample Exam 1 Questions 1. If you use data collected and provided by organizations such as trade associations and advertising agencies for your research. You are using: a. internal data b. secondary data c. primary data d. private data e. misinformation 2. A local plastic surgeon places several TV ads 2-3 months before 10 th , 20 th and 30 th class reunions, promoting special rates on nose jobs, liposuction, hair transplants and such. Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy, this surgeon is trying to capitalize on what kind of need: a. Social/esteem b. safety c. physiological d. vanity e. self-actualization 3. The marketing era/orientation may be exemplified by the statement that: a. “one glove fits all.” b. Each customer is not unique and need not require unique solutions.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Managerial philosophy should be geared towards short-term profits. d. Marketing and selling are synonymous. e. There is a company-wide customer orientation. 4. Boise, a paper production company, recently took over OfficeMax – one of the largest retailers of office supplies in the country. This move by Boise could be best described as: a. Horizontal integration b. Backward integration c. Market penetration d. Market development e. Forward integration Exam Format Total points = 50 Total time = 1:10 hours 1. 40-45 Multiple Choice (application oriented) - (1 point each) 2. 5-10 True-False questions (application oriented) - (1 point each)...
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