Chap 6 - much because I loved smelling it while I was so...

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Chapter Six One of the points in chapter six that interested me the most is associative  learning is learning that certain events occur together. When children do something  good and they are rewarded and they then associate that and will try harder to do the  things that they get rewarded for. I was also very interested in the condition learning  response ever since I was little whenever anyone in our family saw a spider they would  freak out, scream, and run away. It also always scared me and still does.  Every time I  see a spider no matter where it is or how big it is, it always scares me. Pavlov’s  experiment reminded me of how I started loving my favorite mens cologne. When I  received my first kiss, being the unconditional stimulus, my boyfriend at the time was  wearing this amazing cologne, that being the conditional stimulus. It stood out to me so 
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Unformatted text preview: much because I loved smelling it while I was so excited at the moment. It caused the unconditional response which is every time I smell that cologne I think of my first kiss. Then there was B.F. Skinner he believed in operate learning which is learning by reinforcement and or punishment. When you do things to reinforce a behavior it is to increase the behavior. For example complimenting someone on their good work is to increase the chances of them producing even more good work. Punishment is use to reduce the chances of a certain action happening again. For example if you tell one of your friends a secret and they end up not being able to keep it you are distant and kind of short with them until they learn and understand. This also hopefully reduces the chance of this person spreading things that they were trusted with....
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Chap 6 - much because I loved smelling it while I was so...

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