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Program #28-The Rise of the Middle Class Reformation, reaction, new dogmatisms, Europe stirred. Printing spread new ideas and artists turn to secular subjects. The Boujaue were also realists in a hard world. Realism didn’t exclude strong sense of duty or need of religious comfort. What kind of certainty? The boojue were merchants, traders, and travelers. They delt with quantity, money and material things, became practical, developed precision. What kind of religion did church offer? Simple folk had saints and hell fire. More educated were offered purely futuristic. The basic argument of the theologians was that dogma was beyond the grasp of reason. There was a dryness, a drought of the spirit. When luther said lo men are bad Christians, was talking about… Peasants and nobles were both spiritually dis-at-ease. The gap between church and bou jawee grew daily because theologians didn’t care about anything but internal church affairs. Thought they could save religion through clergy. Clergy missed issue the issue of authority-invisioned
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