programs#31-36 - Program#131-The Age of Absolutism 17...

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Program #131-The Age of Absolutism 17 th Europe was age of absolutism. Soverign power represtented by king. Thought that order, peace, tranquility would best be insured by a central authority. Control subjects and church. If wanted law and order had to obey a single will. Condemned if didn’t. –france had king henry IV but he was murdered. Theme of civil peace dominatied 17 th - most people look to monarch to keep peace. Louie the 13 th found first minister cardinal. With cardinal the nobles were gradually humbled, order was restored, French protestants were put into place and prestige of the crown was better then ever before. Cardinal was villain because he had order. He punished people and him and louie the 13 th banished fighting in public. Encouraged hunting as an outlet. Royal policies turned noble from dinosaur to peacock. New age wanted producers, business man, lawyers, etc. also wanted soldiers-disciplined soldiers. The nobility revolved around the king as the planets revolve around the sun. Louie 14 th was always center of attention. Passions—passions that could threaten institutions. Honor and duty are more important. “doing your duty doesn’t make you good, doing your duty makes you great” Program #132-Absolutism and the Social contract Around 1700 Europe lived between two kinds of culture. More or less disciplined, ordered, etc.
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programs#31-36 - Program#131-The Age of Absolutism 17...

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