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Reaction paper#3 - Alexandria Hilliard Reaction Paper #3...

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Alexandria Hilliard Reaction Paper #3 History 102-4412 Carole Schroeder Program # 37-The American Revolution I really liked listening to this program for multiple reasons. I found it to be very attention- grabbing with how colonies were ignored by the country. If I had lived in that time and had been in a colony that was being ignored I don’t know what I would have done. I definitely would have felt neglected but I also would have felt lost. I mean, what was there to look forward to if there was nobody paying attention that cared and had power to do anything. The mothering country passed laws to try and control the colonies that would break rules but it just made it worse and I understand why. For example if I had been in an independent colony and wanted fair rights, sometimes breaking rules is a way to get the point across. Making rules to try and contain colonies is only going to make it worse, which it did. The independent colonies still revolted and broke rules whether they were new or had been around for a long time. Being an independent colony must have been hard which is why I think I was so interested in this program. In class I remember talking about colonies and how they were revolting. I felt like I understood what was going on between the colonies and their mothering country but after watching and listening to the video I feel I have a whole new grasp on it which is awesome. It’s good to be able to get an understanding that adds to what I already know. Program #38-The American Republic I am having a harder time starting to write about how I feel about this program because a good portion of it confused me and I would go back and watch and listen a second or third time and that may have made me more confused. Although it was still intriguing, just a little bit harder
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Reaction paper#3 - Alexandria Hilliard Reaction Paper #3...

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