reactionpaper#2 - Alexandria Hilliard Reaction Paper #2...

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Alexandria Hilliard Reaction Paper #2 History 102-4412 Carole Schroeder Program #31- The Age of Absolutism Right off the bat one thing caught my attention while watching this video. When Weber was talking about how a sovereign power is represented by a king it really threw me off guard. Just the statement “sovereign power is represented by a king” makes me feel uncomfortable I can’t imagine having one major figure that makes the rules I would have to abide by, decides who or what I worship, etc. I like the idea that peace, order, and tranquility would best be kept inline by a central authority but I do not like the thought of it being just one person or the fact that person would be able to control me. I definitely disagree with one person being in control of the church, I think that there are people higher up in the church for that reason. Also the thought of being condemned for not following a single will is slightly scary to me, I am positive that if I lived at this time I would be a very paranoid individual. “The nobility revolved around the king as the planets revolve around the sun.” When Professor Weber said this phrase it really caught my attention because it explains a lot in such a short sentence. To me it automatically seemed like that could be just any average king, but then I remembered discussing Louie XIV in class and how he was constantly the center of attention
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reactionpaper#2 - Alexandria Hilliard Reaction Paper #2...

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