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Alexandria Hilliard Reaction Paper #4 History 102-4412 Program #43: Revolution and the Romantics When I listened to the beginning of this program I was slightly in shock. We have talked in class about people used violence to overthrow their higher powers but it took more effect when I was listening to Eugen Weber discuss it. When he was talking about how for a period of 40 years there wasn’t a country without war or some sort of upheaval I was amazed. That is a long time to go with always having a something happening that is affecting a country in a downward way. So many people were trying to put the Old Regime back together but nothing seemed to be working. I would have been really distraught if I lived during this time period; I know we have stuff happening within our country but what was going on then is so much different because they weren’t as developed as our country has become. It’s crazy to think of how we handle things within our country now compared to back then when both the American and French Revolutions used violence to overthrow their rulers. Program #44: The Age of the Nation States I really dislike the fact that children used to be forced to work such long days and ended up dying from harsh work conditions or even falling into the machines they were using because they were so sleep deprived; so obviously I wasn’t a fan of listening to part of this program. The second half of the century became less intense because social reforms started to happen. One of the reasons
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Reactionpaper#4 - Alexandria Hilliard Reaction Paper #4...

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