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Syllabus_352 (W11) - CHEMISTRY 352 ORGANIC...

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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (Sections 1–10) Winter Semester 2011 MWF: 9:00 – 9:50 am BNSN W 112 Instructor: Dr. Matt A. Peterson Phone : 422-6843 Email: [email protected] Office: BNSN C463 Office Hrs: MWF 12:00 – 1:00 pm, and by appointment MWF Required Materials: Organic Chemistry , 2nd Edition, Janice Gorzynski Smith Lecture Outline: Powerpoint Slides Recommended Materials : 1. Molecular Models: Useful for visualizing three-dimensional structure of complex molecules. 2. Students Study Guide/Solutions Manual, Contains answers to all of the problems in the text. 3. Organic Reaction Animations Course Objective: The objective of this course is to provide a broad overview of the basic principles of organic chemistry. Lectures will elaborate and clarify material outlined in the text. Students are urged to read each chapter prior to attending the lecture where it will be discussed. Students are expected to assume ultimate responsibility for mastery of core concepts discussed in lecture, outlined in the assigned chapters, and reinforced in assigned problems from the text. Homework: Students are assigned homework problems from each chapter. These assigned problems represent the minimum homework you should do to keep up with the course. The questions are designed to help reinforce lecture and reading concepts. Homework will not be turned in and will not be graded . Students are expected to work the assigned problems, and then check their progress using the answers provided in the Students Study Guide/Solutions Manual. Recitation: Students are encouraged to attend the weekly recitation session accompanying each chapter. Attendance is not required but will help reinforce lecture concepts. Course Requirements and Grading: Attendance in lecture is required . Exams I–V will be administered in the testing center on the dates indicated . ***Exam VI will be administered in BNSN room W 112 on the date and time scheduled by the university: Monday, Apr. 18, 8:00 am – 10:00 am . (Exam VI cannot be taken late —mark your calendars now!!!!)*** Exam Points Date Chapters Covered Syllabus Quiz 10 points Jan. 11 Syllabus Exam I 100 points Jan. 24–25 Chapters 15 – 17 Exam II 100 points Feb. 14–15 Chapters 18 – 20 Exam III 100 points Mar. 7–8 Chapters 21 – 23 Exam IV 100 points Mar. 28–29 Chapters 24 – 26 Exam V 100 points Apr. 16–19 Chapters 27, 28, 30
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Syllabus_352 (W11) - CHEMISTRY 352 ORGANIC...

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