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In-Class Notes 2.8 POLT 565

In-Class Notes 2.8 POLT 565 - o What did Cuba want to...

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Spanish-American War - pivotal moment - in 113 days, the US becomes a world power and Spain loses empire - marks new era in US-Latin American relations - active intervention from 1898 - 1933 U.S Goals throughout 1800s, US had sought to expand territorially and reduce European influence in the hemisphere o Spain was the weakest power o With Spain weakened, you could have a possibility of getting Cuba - Strategic and economic rationale o Enhance security o Allow for a strong navy o Enforce defendable borders o Protect future isthmus canal o Expand trade routes Latin American Goals (very different) (focus on Cuba) - Spanish-American war begins as Cuban War of Independence o Cuba is frustrated of fighting for it’s independence, o Last of three independence wars fought against Spain - Revolutionary Movement continues in 1895 o Heightened by economic crisis o Not just against Spain – aimed to transform Cuban society Social revolution – particularly against white creoles Racial tensions in Cuba; slavery abolished in 1886
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Unformatted text preview: o What did Cuba want to change? Inequality in race and economics o Elites are tied to foreign business interests (US is a key investor) Mono-dependent agriculture economy (dependent on one crop-Independence movement broad-based o Goals: Agrarian reform & national sovereignty Cuban Independence 1895-Fighting breaks out again in 1895-U.S. supportive initially – would like Spain to lose o Protection of economic interests o US had $50 million invested in Cuba-U.S. becomes concerned about the outcome o Wants alliances with other powers o Wants friendly neighbors o Economic change (we like the sugar trade) The US sends in the Rough Riders US Intervenes in Cuba justifications-USS Maine stationed and is blown up, US blames Spain-Spreads civilization and democracy (do the Cuban people have the education/experience to govern?)-Human rights concern 1895 Cuban Revolution...
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In-Class Notes 2.8 POLT 565 - o What did Cuba want to...

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