Lecture 10 Participation POLT 402

Lecture 10 Participation POLT 402 - Lecture 10:...

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Lecture 10: Participation - Voters want to be on a winning team The History of suffrage in the US - Exercise of the franchise – suffrage - Voting eligibility standards are determined by the states, as part of their reserved powers o Originally, properties white males only o By the 1830s, universal white male suffrage - 15 th Amendment extended voting rights to African American males o Severely curtailed in south due to the Jim Crow laws - 19 th Amendment allowed women to vote in 1920 - 23 rd Amendment in 1961 gave DC residents right to vote for electors - 26 th Amendment in 1971 allows the vote to extend down to 18 year olds Turnout - Definition: the percentage of eligible voters who vote on election day - VAP – Voting Age Population o A common comparison measure for turnout o Used because of state to state variations in election eligibility - Voting Eligible Population o Excludes people who are if age, but ineligible (felons etc.) - Turnout is often reported as percentage of registered voters who voted o This is inaccurate because of varying registration requirements, rates - P.s. America has one of the lowest voter turn outs out of democratic countries Why People Do, and Don’t Vote - High cost of voting versus the benefits - Voting has costs o Registration o Have to inform yourself about the election o Have to show up and vote (time) - Any individual vote does not matter! Models for Studying Turnout
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Lecture 10 Participation POLT 402 - Lecture 10:...

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