Paper 3 Prep POLT 522

Paper 3 Prep POLT 522 - Paper 3 Prep Summarize and evaluate...

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Paper 3 Prep Summarize and evaluate Nietzsche’s discussion of resentment (ressentiment) in On the Genealogy of Morals, First Essay, section 10 (pp. 22-25). xv – xvi (struggle of aristocratic morality vs slave morality) - The aristocratic morality is historically the earlier of the two systems and is characterized by an ethic of active and ruthless self-affirmation, whereas the slave morality os th reactive and resentful response of the weak to their domination by the self-affirming strong. - In Nietzschean terms, aristocratic morality is driven by a will to power which seeks always to expend its available energy, even to the point of death… - … while the slave morality is motivated by ressentiment and is obsessed with conservation and self- preservation. - So the central opposition between aristocratic and slave moralities is accompanied throughout by opposition between their respective informing principles of an active and healthy will to power, forever seeking to increase ressentiment, desperately seeking to preserve, through devious intellectual means whatever power it has attained to. - However, by virtue of the stealth and cunning fostered by ressentiment, the slave morality has in the course of history to undermine the hegemony of the aristocratic morality and stage what Nietzsche calls the slave revolt in morals… - In the process, the values of ressentiment, founded upon a violent repression of instinct, have come to dominate Western culture and have established themselves as the absolute foundation of ethics - The original aristocratic morality operated on the basis of a distinction between “good” (its own health, strength, and will) and “bad” (the sickness, weakness, and ressentiment of the lower classes).
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Paper 3 Prep POLT 522 - Paper 3 Prep Summarize and evaluate...

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