Paper III POLT 524

Paper III POLT 524 - Summarize and evaluate the political...

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Summarize and evaluate the political significance of Newspeak, as explained by Syme in 1984 (pp. 51-55) and in the Appendix, “The Principles of Newspeak” (pp. 298-312). There are many complexities in the language of Newspeak in order to create its simplicity. In General - Destruction of the past - “permanent presence” - Totalitarian regime – Newspeak allows the government to control absolutely everything, down to what how and how people think - Language is of central importance to human thought because it structures and limits the ideas that individuals are capable of forming and expressing - The point of Newspeak is to make it impossible to even conceive disobedient or rebellious thoughts - The party is always refining Newspeak, tightening its limits to the ultimate goal that no one will be capable of conceptualizing anything that might question the party’s power. - The totalitarian regime of 1984 is an extreme portrayal of a government with absolute power, a perfect totalitarian society - The government controls every aspect of life, even a person’s thoughts - Psychological manipulation o Overwhelm the mind’s capacity for independent thought - Control of information and history - By controlling the present, The Party is able to manipulate the past The Principles of Newspeak (SparkNotes) - The idea of Newspeak supports the novel’s stance on language and thought in relation to the public’s acceptance of governmental control
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Paper III POLT 524 - Summarize and evaluate the political...

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