The Iliad POLT 524

The Iliad POLT 524 - The Iliad Characters The Achaeans -...

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The Iliad Characters The Achaeans - Achilles: mad at Agamemnon, which greatly impedes the Achaean army o Virtue: the most powerful warrior in the Iliad, possesses superhuman strength because his mother, Thetis, is divine (and he traces back to Zeus) o Flaw: He is proud and headstrong and takes offense easily. Reacts strongly when his honor has been slighted. He even wishes for his army to suffer just to get back at Agamemnon - Agamemnon: leader of the Achaean army. Causes Achilles to withdraw from the war because he asks for Achilles war prize in substitution for losing his own o Virtue: Leadership o Flaw: His pride and temper resembles that of Achilles. He is also stubborn (he would not give into Achilles, even when he left the battle and left the army to suffer). Arrogant and selfish, he always thinks about himself no matter what he is doing - Menelaus: King of Sparta, younger brother of Agamemnon. His wife is Helen, who is abducted by the Trojan Prince Paris - Calchas: soothsayer. He claims the reason for the plague and causes the rift between Agamemnon and Achilles - Nestor: King of Plyos and oldest Achaean commander. Acts as an advisor to other military commanders The Trojans - Hector: brother of Paris, leader of the Trojans, and resents that he had brought war to his city and family o Virtue: family man, o Flaw: pride, HUBRIS, too much/ stupid confidence (when he plants his army right by the Trojan wall the night before Achilles returns to battle, causing the Trojan downfall the next day) - Priam: King of Troy and father to Hector and Paris - Paris: Son of Priam, brother of Hector. Abducts Helen from her husband Menelaus o Virtue: “god-like” beauty o Flaw: self-centered and unmanly (he does not have the heart to fight, lacks the spirit of battle) - Helen: left her husband Menelaus to run away with Paris. Causes the whole reason for the war - Briseis: the war prize of Achilles. When Agamemnon was forced to return Chryseis to her father, he gives Briseis as compensation, sparking Achilles’ great rage. Fore Notes
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The Iliad POLT 524 - The Iliad Characters The Achaeans -...

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