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Government 40 The Peloponnesian War I. Introduction A. How to read Thucydides B. What did states want? What were the ideas, interest and institutions of Sparta and Athens? C. How does war begin, how does it expand, how does it end? Mix of cooperation and conflict changes to pure conflict. II. How does the war begin? A. Relations between Athens and Sparta before the war B. What was the nature of Sparta? Sparta’s institutions and Sparta’s fears. Spartiates, hoplites, helots, Messinians, Mt. Ithome, ephors C. Spartan calculation of interest? King Archidamus' assessment D. Honor versus interest: the speech of Sthenelaidas.
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Unformatted text preview: E. Interests and institutions of Athens the strategoi, Pericles, Nicias, III. What happens during the war? The expansion of the means of war. A. Restraint is expected at the beginning of the war B. But restraint does not last 1. Melos 2. Pylos, Spacteria, and using the internal war in Sparta 3. Corcyra and total war IV. How does the war end? A. Two wars, to endings. Peace of Nicias exploits Spartan vulnerabilities. B. Second war begun with Sicilian expedition C. The intervention of Persia, Alcibiades, and the final defeat of Athens. V. Thucydides as a realist 1...
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