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Lecture 15-Cold War Outline

Lecture 15-Cold War Outline - 1 Was the SU an ideological...

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Government 40 The Origins of the Cold War I. Introduction: why did the Cold War occur; and why did it not turn into a real US-SU war? Why did the US-SU cooperation in WW II break down, but also why were the US and SU able to cooperate to avoid direct military conflict? A. The role of ideology B. How is power assessed and what are the consequences? II. The Rise of the Soviet Union; rise of US A. The rise of the Soviet Union
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Was the SU an ideological state? 2. What was its power? B. Rise of US 1. Was it an ideological state? 2. Economic power 3. Military power 4. Coalitons III. The International System in 1945 A. Bipolar, unipolar, or multipolar? B. Shared norms? C. Military technology IV. Early Cold War disputes A. Poland B. Southeast Europe C. Germany D. Korean War 1. Why did US fight? 2. What were the consequences?...
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