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Lecture 10 Outline - unity or friction? F. Military...

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Government 40 The Rise of Germany and the Coming of World War I I. Introduction: Was World War I the unintended result of the system or German ambition? II. Changes to the European system 1854-1914 A. End of the Concert system and the rise of Realpolitik B. Central Europe: fragmentation replaced with unified Germany C. Changes in domestic politics: the rise of mass politics D. Changes in domestic politics: the rise of nationalism E. Increasing interdependece:
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Unformatted text preview: unity or friction? F. Military technology III. The Rise of Prussia and the unification of Germany A. Internal Prussian development B. External Prussian wars of conquest and unification C. The arrested development of liberal government in Germany: Mantueffel D. Bismarck IV. The war as the outcome of the system or German ambition? A. The logic of multipolar military competition B. Alliance rigidities C. German choices? V. Conclusion...
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