Sample IDsfor2nd Midterm

Sample IDsfor2nd Midterm - Battle of Verdun Fourteen Points...

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Sample IDs for Gov 40 2 nd Midterm Athens Sparta Corinth Corcyra Melos Helots Archidamus Pericles Alcibiades Mytilenes 1st, 2nd and 3rd image Rationality Congress of Vienna Metternich Quadruple Alliance Holy Alliance "splendid isolation" Raison d'Etat Realpolitik Napoleon III Bismarck Crimean War Reinsurance Treaty Formal Imperialism/Informal Imperialism Suez Canal Organized interests/Diffused Interests Private Speculation Fundamental Continuity Economic expansion/Strategic Protection Jingoism India Free Trade "Scramble for Africa" Schlieffen Plan Triple Entente Archduke Franz Ferdinand
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Unformatted text preview: Battle of Verdun Fourteen Points cordon sanitaire Kellogg-Briand Pact "war guilt clause" collective security Offense-defense balance Gustav Streseman and "fulfillment" Perpetual Peace Marshall Plan Sudetenland NSC-68 or Novikov Telegram "Long Telegram" Maginot Line Anschluss Appeasement Lebensraum Potsdam Conference United Nations UN Security Council and General Assembly Suez Canal crisis Peacekeeping Nehru Decolonization Universal Declaration of Human Rights Transnational actors Interdependence Human Rights...
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Sample IDsfor2nd Midterm - Battle of Verdun Fourteen Points...

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