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handout_9_adjectival syntax

handout_9_adjectival syntax - That this comes close to some...

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AdjectivAl SyntAx NUMBER (CLASSIFIER) SIZE COLOR QUALITY NOUN 3 NOUN 2 NOUN 1 hun túul nùuk k’áas ʔ òosoh Centuries of Spanish in # uence and the characteristic terseness of Maya speech has made canonical adjective order di $ cult to determine. Nevertheless, careful comparison suggests the order above.
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Unformatted text preview: That this comes close to some of the posited ‘universal’ orders ( e.g., Greenberg 1963; Hetzron 1978), and that it productively accounts for many features of modern Mayan languages and the hieroglyphic script, suggests that it may be fairly conservative of Proto-Mayan....
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