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Yucatec_class 13_squirrel story

Yucatec_class 13_squirrel story - ANTH 1160(Fall 2009 Dr...

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1 ANTH 1160 (Fall 2009): Dr. Marc Zender MW, 11am-12pm Putnam Lab (PM 59-D) CUUC TU TUZEN tzicbaltabi tumen Martina Yu Chan, Ticul Ɂ UK T-U-TÙUS-EN tsik-b’al-t-á Ɂ ab’-ih- Ø t-u-mèen Martina Yu Chan, Ticul SQUIRREL LIED TO ME recounted by Martina Yu Chan, Ticul
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2 Yan bin huntul c ħ ic ħ e, u kaba ucum, yetel huntul chan cuuc. Tu man le ucum yetel u palalobo, ca tu yalah le cuuc beyo, “Baaxten ma ta lah cimzic le mehen palaloob? Ma ta uilic, tene mix huntul pal yan ten.” Yàan b’in hun-túul č ’íi č -e Ɂ , u-k’àab’a Ɂ Ɂ úukum, yéetel hun- túul chan kú Ɂ uk. T-u-máan-Ø le Ɂ úukum yéetel u-pàal-al- ó Ɂ ob’, ká Ɂ t-uy-(á Ɂ )al-ah-Ø le kú Ɂ uk b’eyo Ɂ , “B’á Ɂ a š -ten má Ɂ t-a-láah-kíim-s-ik-Ø le mehen pàal-al-ó Ɂ ob’? Ɂ t-aw-il-ik- Ø, ten-e Ɂ mi š hun-túul pàal yàan tèen.” There was (it is said) a bird, whose name was (mourning) dove, and a small squirrel. The dove passes by with her children when the squirrel said as follows: “Why don't you kill all of the small children?
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