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Marketing Case Study - Joseph Monte Principles of...

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Joseph Monte Page 1 Principles of Marketing-Case Study April 1, 2008 Ms. Sweitzer Satellite radio has become the broadcasting threshold of the future. That is why two companies have been competing so furiously for the number one spot as satellite radio provider. Sirius satellite radio and XM satellite radio have been competing against each other since the turn of the century. These companies both have their weaknesses and strengths, and both have become formidable, stand-up companies but the problem lies within the profit. Both companies are losing money, and do not figure to be profitable until at least this year (2008). So how can this problem be fixed? It’s always important to look at a company’s history, and by looking into both companies start, we can get a better image of them. In 2001, XM Satellite radio began the satellite radio revolution by launching their two satellites, Rock and Roll as they were nicknamed, into space. Shortly thereafter, Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. was launched to compete against XM. Although Sirius had their satellites up first, their technology was inferior to XM’s, already putting them behind in the race. Since then though, both companies technology has improved vastly, and both companies have developed personalities shown through their various broadcasting. XM has always been the more dominant technologically advanced company. Their chipsets, from the start, have been a key reason they have had better programming and were an
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Joseph Monte Page 2 early front-runner in the satellite radio competition. XM radio has grown considerable throughout the past few years. Consumers can now even purchase satellite radio subscriptions through major electronics retailers such as Circuit City and Best Buy, which makes XM more accessible to the public. XM also accelerated past Sirius by signing deals with several large auto-
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