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Chapter Nine: The Business in Everyday Life How does technology commodify skill, knowledge, and expertise? Give examples. How does technology make us both more free and yet also more dependent? Give examples. According to Bauman, is expertise and technology a response to a need? Or does expertise and technology create the need it claims to fulfill? Explain. Give Examples. How does the producer of expertise, technology, etc. persuade us to purchase their product? What is the consumer attitude? (Review five points). How does the consumer attitude privatize problems and individualize tasks? How does the consumer attitude promote the view that each individual is responsible for themselves? That we can, in essence, make of ourselves whatever we want to be? What is the role of fashion in the market? How does the consumer market provide us with a sense of personal identity?
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Unformatted text preview: Give examples. What is a neo-tribe? Why will the consumer market always provide us with identities, lifestyles, etc. that will never be fully satisfying, that will bring a continual sense of deprivation? How is it that the consumer market (through neo-tribes, lifestyles of consumption, etc.) brings both more freedom and more dependence? How is the market dependent upon promoting the image of equality; the image that there is nothing in this world that you can = t buy? How does the market nevertheless serve to maintain and promote inequality? How is the practical inequality of consumers both an oppression and a A stimulus @ at the same time? Why is the market against practices of ascribed inequality ? Why is an era of market consumption also an era of anti-discrimination?...
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