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Berger Marriage SG

Berger Marriage SG - On p 18 Berger& Kellner give a...

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Berger, Peter L. and Hansfried Kellner. Marriage and the Construction of Reality. Your main objective in reading this article is to better understand how marriage is a “nomos-building instrumentality.” (Note: nomos means something like “world” or “reality.”) What does this mean? How does marriage help create a new world? What role does language or typifications play in the construction, maintenance, and modification of reality? Why do human beings need to have their world validated? How is one’s world validated? How does marriage both require the creation of a new world and help to create a new reality or a new world? How is the Marital World Constructed? Why does marriage constitute a “nomic rupture”?
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Unformatted text preview: On p. 18, Berger & Kellner give a summary of their argument and then proceed to discuss some macrosocial features of change regarding marriage. You don’t need to worry about anything beyond this point. I would have you take note, however, that on pp. 20-21 they make the argument that marriage involves stepping into a new world and not just occupying new roles. They argue that marriage serves to ground the life of the individual in ways that nothing else does and it enables the individual to “settle down.” They argue that constructing a reality that is settled has positive consequences for both the individual (such as their emotional, cognitive, & mental health) but also for society as a whole....
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