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Shumway SG

Shumway SG - What is “normalizing judgment” How is...

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Shumway, David R. 1992. Michel Foucault . Charlottesville, VA: University Presses of Virginia. Chapter Six: Disciplinary Technologies and the Constitution of Individuals Describe the system of punishment entailed in public or penal torture (of which Damiens’s story is an example) . Why was public torture a demonstration of political power? Or, put differently, how did public torture fit into the formation of power relations in the classical age? Foucault describes a second formation of power based on the power to enact “punishments” rather than in a power to enact “torture.” Describe this formation of power relations. Describe the system of power Foucault terms “discipline.” What importance does the body play in discipline (i.e., what does he mean by “docile bodies”?)? How is it different from the system of power common to public torture? What is the role of disciplinary observation or surveillance?
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Unformatted text preview: What is “normalizing judgment”? How is discipline more than just a “negative” deployment of power? In what ways is discipline positive or productive? What is an “examination”? How is it an example of disciplinary power? Shumway states that contrary to public torture with disciplinary power “the subjects of power become visible, while those who exercise power become invisible” (p. 131). Explain. How is the modern prison an illustration of disciplinary power? According to Foucault, the modern prison is ultimately not about reforming criminals. What is the place of the modern prison in modern power relations? Describe Foucault’s conception of power (pp. 139-140). Why does this conception of power lead some critics to complain that Foucault fails to theorize the possibility of resistance?...
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