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Team Project Assignment Spring 2012 EMGT 314

Team Project Assignment Spring 2012 EMGT 314 - V Team...

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Team Project Assignment EMGT 314 Spring 2012 General Discussion: Each team will define a research topic related to new product development and introduction in the global market (in the country of your choosing so you’ll get to use all of the Hofstede, Trompenaars knowledge). The topic must target an alternative energy product or service suitable for use in the country your team chooses. Your team should identify organizational structure, team building, cultural complexity and other aspects that will drive the success (or failure) of your product. Each team will produce a formal management plan based on literature from journal articles, appropriate websites (NO Wikipedia, etc…only government websites or other credible sources), professional publications and reports, etc. 200 points tota l Sample Paper Outline: I. Introduction II. Literature Review III. New Product (Selection Process/Criteria) IV. Organizational Structure, Supply Partnerships
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Unformatted text preview: V. Team building and Local Engagement VI. Impact of Globalization and Cultural Differences VII. Risk Assessment VIII. Conclusions IX. Future Work X. References Milestones: 1. In-class Presentations: teams will do a short (15 minute) briefing on their projects in class during the week of April 23, 2012. 2. Formal paper submission: Research papers are due (one/team) on April 27 th and should be emailed to [email protected] . Rubric: Well-defined scope 10 points total Effective secondary data identification/integration 10 points total Mechanics Effective organization 10 points total Well-presented presentation (slide appearance, time mgmt for presentation; good format) 10 points total Teaming Effort Solid evidence of collaborative teaming 40 points Well-defined methodology 40 points total Critical Analysis Evidence of thought in developing conclusions 40 points total Relevant deliverables 40 points total Total Points: 200...
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Team Project Assignment Spring 2012 EMGT 314 - V Team...

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