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hw1 - Homework Assignment 1 Experiential Exercise Will our...

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Homework Assignment 1: Experiential Exercise Will our organization’s culture work in a different country? Points Possible: 50 Due: Feb 3, 2012 Instructions: Prepare a write-up based on the following scenario. This HW assignment is designed pull the first four chapters together around the concepts or organizational effectiveness in global settings. Your responses should be typed, provide enough context and definition so I am convinced that you’ve mastered the material, and include citations for references used. Because the text does not provide enough detail to fully understand the models developed by Trampenaar and Hofstede, I have attached journal articles that should be useful for you. There is no minimum or maximum length but be aware that you cannot begin to cover the material thoroughly in a submission of one page or less. The assignment is worth 50 points so clearly I expect a lot of synthesis. Scenario: You work for a U.S. construction engineering firm that’s interested in exploring opportunities in other
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