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EMGT 314 Exam 1 Study Guide Things to consider as you prepare: 1. Exam will cover Chapters 1-6 plus supplemental materials. 2. Exam will open on Friday, 2/24 at approx. 1pm Central Time. Students will access the exam through Bb. Click on Assignments, then the exams subfolder. The exam is a Word file. NOTE: Missouri S&T has upgraded ALL computers to Microsoft 2010. If you are using an older version of Word, be sure to download the patch in advance so you will be able to access the exam without time lost.) Save your exam to your desktop, complete, and return to me via email at [email protected] by 2pm Central time. Exams not returned on time will not be accepted for grading. 3. Students may use book, powerpoints, notes but should NOT be too dependent on them. Remember that this is a timed exam. You will not have time to look up the answer to every question. 4. The exam will consist of 35 multiple choice, objective questions plus 3 short essays. 5. Multiple choice questions will be based on lectures plus the reading and will be
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Unformatted text preview: distributed over all six chapters. 6. Short essays may come from any of the six chapters. Possibilities include: a. Sources of job satisfaction including global differences b. Theories of organizational behavior and their implications for modern organizations c. Strategies for management of diversity and differences between management of diversity/affirmative action d. Impact of Big Five Personality dimensions on organizational behavior e. Key components of organizational socialization. 7. Many students find it helpful to outline responses to the short answers in advance. The study technique provides value-added learning for objective questions and helps to frame thoughts for responding to short essays. 8. Do NOT cut and paste/copy from the text for your short essays. I am NOT evaluating the authors of the text. I expect you to synthesize your responses rather than parroting what you read....
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