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Research question versus hypothesis - hypothesis is more predictive in nature. - hypothesis is a statement and a research question is literally a question. - study video and extra reading - conducted research and also funded it - benefits of collecting data through landlines -adds diversity identify the 3 scales identify the bogarden scale 1 st step- conceptualization 2 nd step- nominal definition 3 rd - operationalization population vs sample population is everyone sample pulls out everyone from the sample
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Unformatted text preview: pilling people out through probability and nonporbability sampling nonprobability- not random, can be both positive and negative. Negatives to snowball sampling- you would suggest it to people you like. Convenience sampling- ask someone to answer stuff at the mall Volunteer sampling- Negative- ethical issue. Quota, probability, random, cluster NO NEED TO DO ACTUAL RANDOM SAMPLING KNOW CLUSTER SAMPLING. NO K VALUE AND SHIT....
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