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MGMT 3500 – FALL 2010 Account Review Project (Corrected Trial Balance) The trial balance of Oakley Co. does not balance. OAKLEY CO. T RIAL B ALANCE J UNE 30, 2010 Debit Credit Cash $ 2,870 Accounts Receivable $ 3,231 Supplies 800 Equipment 3,800 Accounts Payable 2,666 Unearned Service Revenue 1,200 Common Stock 6,000 Retained Earnings 3,000 Service Revenue 2,380 Wages Expense 3,400 Office Expense 940 $13,371 $16,916 Each of the listed accounts should have a normal balance per the general ledger. An examination of the ledger and journal reveals the following errors. 1. Cash received from a customer on account was debited for $370, and Accounts Receivable was credited for the same amount. The actual collection was for $730. 2. The purchase of a computer printer on account for $500 was recorded as a debit to
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Unformatted text preview: Supplies for $500 and a credit to Accounts Payable for $500. 3. Services were performed on account for a client for $890. Accounts Receivable was debited for $890 and Service Revenue was credited for $89. 4. A payment of $65 for telephone charges was recorded as a debit to Office Expense for $65 and a debit to Cash for $65. 5. When the Unearned Service Revenue account was reviewed, it was found that $225 of the balance was earned prior to June 30. 6. A debit posting to Wages Expense of $670 was omitted. 7. A payment on account for $206 was credited to Cash for $206 and credited to Accounts Payable for $260. 8. A dividend of $575 was debited to Wages Expense for $575 and credited to Cash for $575....
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