HW03-Sp11 - cover sheet - Names

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Unformatted text preview: Names (ABC)___________________________________________________________________________________________ MGMT 36100: HW 3 50 Points Due: March 3, 20 11 Attach work from All team members to the cover sheets. Question 1 (10 points: 5, 5) (a) Using chase strategy: Cannot exceed capacity. No shortages are permitted. Avoid subcontracting as much as possible. a.i. Show the basic plan [1 point] (Use table below) a.ii. Make adjustments to achieve a final plan [2 point] (Use table below) Chase May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Forecast Basic Plan Inventory Adjustment 1 Inventory Adjustment 2 Inventory Production May June July August Sept. October Total Total Regular OT Sub-Contr. Inventory Cost Regular OT Sub-Contr. Inventory Total cost iii. Explain your adjustments [1 point] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________...
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HW03-Sp11 - cover sheet - Names

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