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ch 1 introduction

ch 1 introduction - Chapter 1 Organizational Behavior 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1: Organizational Behavior 1 Fill out a survey form Fill out an introduction form Bring in the next class with a picture attached 2 Email Policy Title OBHR330, section #, (Official & Full) Name, OBHR330, Issue Issue e.g. OBHR330, section 3, Won Jun Kwak, a question e.g. on a group project on If I don’t respond within 24 hours, please email me If again again 3 Attendance Attendance Please submit one attendance sheet per team Mark your initial next to your name in the Mark attendance sheet attendance 4 Extra Credit Extra Formal assignments In-class activities Participations Please mark in the attendance sheet And more… 5 Team-based Class Team-based Sit together with group members Your team is a real project team Learn how to work with others Your work experience in the team will be asked as Your a part of your group project paper part 6 Organizational Behavior Definition: The systematic and scientific analysis of The individuals, groups, and organizations individuals, 7 Organizational Behavior Why managers need to know OB? Provides analytical tools to understand and Provides interpret human beings in organizations interpret Example: Your subordinate wants to quit Example: because s/he feels unfair because Need to assess and remove the source of unfairness 8 Does Organizational Behavior Matter? Matter? OB practices were associated with better firm OB performance performance Firms who valued OB had a 19% higher Firms survival rate than firms who did not value OB survival Good people comprise a valuable resource for Good companies companies 9 Video case Video Pike Place Fish 10 Discussion Discussion What makes people in Pike Place Fish perform What well? How and why do they perform well? well? Please discuss with group members Summarize in a paper Submit it after class Submit Specify your team number in a paper 11 Integrative Model of OB Integrative 12 ...
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