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Unformatted text preview: Email Policy OBHR330, (Official & Full) Name, Issue e.g. OBHR330, Won Jun Kwak, a question on a group e.g. project project Participation points Please specify the content of the participation e.g., I answered “~~~” / I commented on “~~~” 1 Job performance Job 2 What is Job Performance? What Job performance - employee behaviors that contribute, either positively or negatively, to organizational goal accomplishment. organizational Includes behaviors that are within the control of Includes within the employees. the 3 Job Performance Job Wall street bonus controversy Despite recession, average Wall Street Despite leaps 25% (2010, Financial Times) (2010, How the society feels: How Why they keep high bonus: Why bonus Texas Rangers baseball team files for Texas bankruptcy (May, 2010) (May, 4 What Does it Mean to be a “Good Performer?” Task Performance Task Routine task performance involves well-known responses to demands that occur in a normal, routine, or otherwise predictable way. or Adaptive task performance, or more commonly “adaptability,” involves employee responses to task demands that are novel, unusual, or, at the very least, unpredictable. unpredictable. Starting a car Avoiding a stalled vehicle Creative task performance is the degree to which individuals develop ideas or physical outcomes that are both novel and useful. novel useful Job Analysis Job Many organizations identify task performance Many behaviors by conducting a job analysis. job A list of the activities involved in a job is generated Observation, interview, survey Each activity on this list is rated by “subject matter Each experts” according to things like the importance and frequency of the activity. frequency The activities that are rated highly in terms of their The importance and frequency are retained and used to define task performance. task Job analysis information Job Job Description is a list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities (TDRs) responsibilities Job Specification is a list of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) abilities, 8 Sample Job Analysis Information Sample O*NET OnLine: O*NET Online database were students, job seekers and Online workforce, business, and human resource professionals can: find occupations to explore, search for occupations that use designated skills, view occupation summaries and details view 9 Exercise Exercise Please think about the types of the pilot’s Please task performance and the air traffic controllers’ task performance task Air Plane Crash in Hudson River Air A commuter airliner crash landed in the Hudson river commuter near Manhattan, NY near Outcome: Outcome: 10 Citizenship Behavior Citizenship Voluntary employee activities that may or Voluntary may not be rewarded but that contribute to the organization’s effectiveness Interpersonal Helping, courtesy, sportsmanship Organizational Voice, civic virtue, boosterism 11 Types of Citizenship Behaviors 12 Interpersonal Citizenship Behavior Interpersonal Behaviors that benefit coworkers and colleagues and Behaviors involve assisting, supporting, and developing other organizational members in a way that goes beyond normal job expectations. normal Helping involves assisting coworkers who have heavy workloads, etc. workloads, Courtesy refers to keeping coworkers informed about matters that are relevant to them. matters Sportsmanship involves maintaining a good attitude with coworkers, even when they’ve done something annoying. coworkers, 13 Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Organizational Behaviors that benefit the larger organization by Behaviors supporting and defending the company, working to improve its operations, and being especially loyal to it. Voice involves speaking up and offering constructive suggestions for change. suggestions Civic virtue requires participating in the company’s Civic operations at a deeper-than-normal level. operations Boosterism means representing the organization in a positive way when out in public, away from the office, and away from work. away 14 Example question Example James is always reading and keeping up with organizational announcements James and news that affects his company. James is demonstrating which type of citizenship behavior? A. Helping A. B. Voice C. Sportsmanship D. Civic virtue E. Boosterism Elizabeth seems like a cheerleader for Purdue as she represents the Elizabeth organization in a positive way when she's away from work. Elizabeth could be viewed as demonstrating which type of citizenship behavior? A. Helping A. B. Voice C. Sportsmanship D. Civic virtue E. Boosterism 15 Voice Voice Speaking up for changes Positive: constructive and beneficial for Positive: enhancing organizations’ functioning enhancing Negative: challenge to status quo Who should, or shouldn’t, be actively Who engaged in this OCB? engaged 16 Research Research 343 dyads of supervisors and 343 subordinates subordinates Subordinates reported their own voice Supervisors evaluated subordinates’ OCB Also, they reported preconceptions of Also, subordinate’s motivation level and competency level 17 Findings Findings 18 Findings Findings 19 Findings Findings 20 Types of Counterproductive Behaviors Behaviors 21 Counterproductive Behaviors Counterproductive Counterproductive behaviors are employee behaviors that intentionally hinder organizational intentionally goal accomplishment. goal Property deviance refers to behaviors that harm the organization’s assets and possessions. organization’s Production deviance is also directed against the organization but focuses specifically on reducing the efficiency of work output. efficiency Political deviance refers to behaviors that intentionally disadvantage other individuals rather than the larger organization. organization. Personal aggression refers to hostile verbal and physical actions directed toward other employees. actions 22 Property Deviance Property Sabotage represents the purposeful destruction of physical equipment, organizational processes, or company products. company Theft represents another form of property deviance and can be just as expensive as sabotage (if not more). more). Costs organizations approximately $14.6 billion per year 23 Production Deviance Production Wasting resources is the most common form Wasting of production deviance of Use too much materials for tasks Work too slowly / Have too many breaks Substance abuse refers to abusing drugs or Substance alcohol while on the job or shortly before coming to work coming 24 Political Deviance Political Gossiping is having casual conversations about other people in which the facts are not confirmed as true. confirmed Undermines morale Incivility represents communication that is rude, impolite, discourteous, and lacking in good manners. lacking 25 Personal Aggression Personal Harassment occurs when employees are subjected to unwanted physical contact or verbal remarks from a colleague. Abuse occurs when an employee is assaulted or endangered in such a way that physical and psychological injuries may occur. psychological 26 Example Question Example Which of these behaviors are considered to be production deviance? Which A. Wasting resources and substance abuse A. B. Sabotage and theft C. Gossiping and incivility D. Harassment and abuse E. Interpersonal and organizational Behaviors that focus specifically on reducing the efficiency of work output are Behaviors known as: A. Political deviance A. B. Property deviance C. Personal aggression D. Personal assertion E. Production deviance 27 What Does It Mean to Be a Good Performer? Performer? Good at the job that falls within job Good description. description. Engages in citizenship behaviors directed Engages at both coworkers and the larger organization. at Refrains from engaging in the Refrains counterproductive behaviors that can so badly damage the climate of an organization. damage 28 Hancock Hancock Link: Link: Is Hancock a good performer or a poor Is performer? Why? performer? Discuss with your group members and Discuss summarize your discussion in a 1-page paper. summarize Submit with group # and participating group Submit members. 29 ...
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