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Q2 - He has told me that there is a 40 chance that he will...

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EXERCISES IN STATISTICS Series A, No. 2 1. Let A 1 , A 2 be subsets of a sample space S . Show that P ( A 1 A 2 ) P ( A 1 ) P ( A 1 A 2 ) P ( A 1 ) + P ( A 2 ) . 2. Find the probabilities P ( A ), P ( B ) when A , B are statistically independent events such that P ( B ) = 2 P ( A ) and P ( A B ) = 5 / 8. 3. The Police have found the blood of the jewel thief near the hotel safe. 10% of all women belong to the blood group and 2% of all men. 30% of the hotel sta ff are women. Assuming that this was an inside job, what is the probability that the thief was a woman? 4. The probability that, on any weekday, the college will receive letters ad- dressed to Dr. A is 1 / 3. Dr. A, who arrives earlier than any of his colleagues, begins the day by collecting his mail.
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Unformatted text preview: He has told me that there is a 40% chance that he will attend the college today; and I have noticed that there are no letters in his pigeon hole. In view of there being no mail in his box, what is the probability that he is attending today? 5. The failure of an electrical circuit is attributable to the failure of either component A of component B or both. The circuit has a probability of failure of 0 . 4. Component B has a probability of failure of 0 . 2 Assuming that the probabilities of failure of A and B are independent, what is the probability of failure of A ?...
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