Q9 - EXERCISES IN STATISTICS Series A No 9 1 The average length of a finger bone of 10 fossil skeletons of the proconsul hominid is 3.73cm and the

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Unformatted text preview: EXERCISES IN STATISTICS Series A, No. 9 1. The average length of a finger bone of 10 fossil skeletons of the proconsul hominid is 3.73cm, and the standard deviation is 0.34cm. Find 80% and 90% confidence intervals for the mean length of the bone in the species. 2. Mr. Smith has been threatened with the loss of his job if he persists in arriving late at the office. Prior to this threat, his average arrival time over 10 days was 10–46am. with a standard deviation of 16 minutes. For five working days since the threat, his arrival time has been 10–01am. with a standard deviation of 12 mins. Construct a 90% confidence interval for the extent to which Mr. Smith has improved his arrival time. 3. A factory that manufactures shafts of 5cm diameter has installed new lathes. Hitherto, the variance of the diameter of the shafts has been 0.49mm2 . A sample of 20 shafts, produced by the new machines, has a variance of 0.25mm2 measured about the theoretical mean of 5cm. Find a 95% confidence interval for the new variance, and a 95% confidence interval for the ratio of the old and the new variances. 4. Two independent random samples of sizes n = 16 and m = 10, taken from 2 2 independent normal distributions N (µx , σx ) and N (µy , σy ) yield, respectively, 2 2 x = 3.6, sx = 4.14 and y = 13.6, sy = 7.6. Find the 90% confidence interval ¯ ¯ 2 2 for σx /σy when µx and µy are unknown. 2 2 Find P the 90% confidence interval for σx /σy on the assumption that µx = 4 P and (xi − µx )2 /n = 5.3 and that µy = 12 and (yi − µy )2 /m = 7.5. 1 ...
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