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LIMDEP - EXERCISE Models with Limited Dependent Variables A...

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Unformatted text preview: EXERCISE: Models with Limited Dependent Variables A Logistic Model of the Decision to Smoke or not to Smoke Within the document Smoking and Drinking Amongst Adults 2008, which is a component of the General Lifestyle Survey 2008, you will find Table 1.3 Percentage who have never smoked cigarettes regularly by sex and age: 1974 to 2008. You are asked to use the gretl program to fit a logistic function to describe the probability of having been a smoker as a function of age. You may choose to make a comparison of two probability schedules that vary either according to sex at a specific date or that vary between dates for men or for women. For the independent variable, you may take the mid points of the age intervals that are given in table 1.3. Observe that, whereas the argument of the normal distribution ranges over the interval ( −∞ , ∞ ), ages are bounded by zero. You are asked to accommodate this feature in the model via the appropriate transformation of the independent variable and to determine what...
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